Magellan Truck GPS – Best Truck GPS in the market in 2019

Magellan GPS Update Magellan Truck GPS device is specifically designed for the needs of truckers. Truck drivers can use this device to prepare for their trips. They can set up customizable routes based on height, width, length of the vehicle. Multi-destination routing allows truck drivers to plan their stops. Also, it helps to optimize routes to help them save time and gas.  Features Of  Magellan Truck GPS  Free Lifetime Traffic Alerts   It helps drivers to avoid traffic incidents on their routes. Therefore, it offers alternative routes.  Magellan Truck GPS provides elevation and truck speed limit warnings. Therefore, the truck speed limit warning turns red if they are driving higher than the posted speed limit.  Highway Lane Assist  This device is helpful when navigating complex highway interchanges. Spoken Street Names  This feature helps the drivers to keep their eyes on the road as they drive. Therefore, spoken street name guidance announces the name and